Plasmodium Vivax

Plasmodium Vivax

This was a case of Plasmodium Vivax although Ovale is also a good call:

  • A. Trophozite – often multiply infected with large chromatin dots
  • B. Trophozite – Schuffner dot’s can be seen (in Gimesa stained films)
  • C. Schizont – 12-14 merozites clustered around dark brown pigment
  • D. Gemetocyte – large and fill the cell, pigmented with coarse brown pigment, a microgematocyte is shown due to the diffuse pigment

It can be very difficult, sometimes impossible to distinguish with P ovale but some clues:

  • More Schuffner dot’s in ovale
  • Fimbriated red cells in ovale
  • Less merozoites seen in ovale and arranged irregulary (bunch of grapes)
  • Travel history – vivax: tropics, ovale: West Africa 

Don’t forget to look for P. falciparum infection, the 2 can co-exist!


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