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As a group of experienced haematologists and scientists, our vision is dynamic and exciting – make learning haematology easy and interactive. Whether you are struggling to master blood films or learn the coagulation cascade, you can trust us to increase your confidence and skills in all aspects of haematology. We are constantly working on developing more content and because we are and online resource, we can be much more up-to-date than any written text.

You will find Blood Academy is for everyone with an interest in haematology, from medical students, biomedical students, junior doctors and haematologists.

If your focus is exam preparation, all our FRCPath exam content is written and reviewed by expert UK based haematologists and scientists. The team also have direct experience of those difficult FRCPath exams to guide you to success.

Blood Academy

Our Blood Specialists

Dr Samya Obaji
Consultant Haematologist
University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Dr Nagah Elmusharaf
Consultant Haematologist,
University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Steve Couzens
Lead Clinical Scientist,
University Hospital of Wales
Immunophenotyping Laboratory

Dr Chin Loon Neoh
Haematology trainee,
London deanery

Dr Eamon Mahdi
Haematology trainee,
Wales deanery

Dr Charles Percy
Consultant Haematologist
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

Dr Paula Bolton-Maggs
Consultant haematologist and former medical director of SHOT

Meet Our Team

Dr Ali Mahdi

Chief Executive Officer and Founder & Consultant Haematologist

Pashtewan Agha

Chief Technology Officer

Elena Fernandez
Head of Digital

Victor Serban
Digital Marketing Specialist

Soumya Jud
Community Manager

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