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FRCPath Part 1

Haematology trainees revising for the FRCPath Haematology part 1 exam


for 1 year

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FRCPath Part 2

Haematology trainees revising for the FRCPath Haematology part 2 exam


for 1 year

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For laboratories that require staff training in haematology and blood work


per 10 users per year

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It depends. If your day to day job involves blood work or you’re studying for haematology related exams, then that’s a big YES. Our programs are catered towards people that are after basic knowledge in haematology or want to specialise in the field. We will also provide you with accredited certificates and attendance points to help you organise your CPD and assist with you’re career progression.

Yes, our certificates are accredited by the Royal College Of Pathologists.
Yes, depending on the the length of the course you will get a certificate with the CPD points attached to it. The CPD points will also show with your user profile on the Blood Academy platform.
Throughout the years we’ve had great feedback from users that had passed the exam and attributed their preparation for the exam to our Academy Package where we provide
  • 100s of interactive quizzes mimicking the part 1 and 2 exams.
  • A vast repository of virtual slides.
  • Various modules.
If you laboratory, university or hospital require staff to be come proficient in blood work then absolutely yes. Our programs are catered towards improving staff knowledge in haematology whether they are biomedical scientists, medical laboratory technologists/technicians or haematology trainees. You can get more info here  or book a call with us to find out more here

Efficient learning aimed at the medical laboratory scientists, haematologists and pathologists, students and institutions.