Metastatic disease

Metastatic disease

Here is a nice example of metastatic disease, specifically prostate cancer in the bone marrow

  • You can appreciate the clumping of cells typical of non-haematopoeitic cells
  • The bone marrow trephine also shows a very abnormal infiltrate
  • The reason why the procedure was done because the serum PSA was low and pancytopenia
  • Poorly differentiated prostate cancers with a high Gleason score often produce little PSA, and lower or even normal PSA values do not exclude bone metastases
  • Prostate cancer cells invade the axial skeleton with an osteoblastic pattern, manifesting in osteosclerosis
  • PSA and epithelial (AE1/AE, CAM5), lymphoma (CD20,CD3) and plasma cell (CD138) markers were negative


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