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This course concentrating on the blood count and blood smear is essential whether you’re starting in a haematology lab or just want to freshen up on the basics. This live, online course will cover everything you need to know about these tests condensed over two days of intense learning.

The first day will concentrate on the laboratory principles of these important tests. The lessons will involve the process of collection, preparation as well as reporting. On the second day, we will be guiding you through a range of 12 selected blood smears and cases selected from our extensive virtual slide repository. We will review the key learning points that laboratory staff find essential for everyday practice. Why not check out the lesson topics that will be covered here in the course schedule. 


The course is delivered via the Zoom platform. Please ensure you have access to Zoom beforehand. We also recommend you use a large screen to appreciate some of the fine morphological details.


This is both a lecture and case-based course. Interactive polls will be used, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions at any time.

The cases that are used on day two make use of interactive, digital slides. These allow you to navigate and examine blood smears. To get the most out of the course, it is recommended you review these cases before attending the live sessions.

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A great way to build on your morphology skills before attending this course is taking the ‘Essential Blood Cell Morphology course. This additional course provides you with video tutorials, e-learning modules and assessments. You will cover the morphology of all the major haematopoietic cells found in reactive and malignant conditions. Whatever your level of experience, we suggest you work through this course alongside the live sessions. You can purchase this course and access the first lesson on red cells for FREE via this link.


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