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Top Essential Online Haematology Resources for Medical Laboratory Professionals and Biomedical Scientists in 2022

Does finding useful and up-to-date Online Resources on Haematology give headaches both to you and your colleagues?

Get this collection of the most essential resources in 2022 for Medical Laboratory Professionals and Biomedical Scientists and find there a list of most important educational content:

What We Offer

Your Haematology Education and Training Centre

Advanced Learning

Your students and staff can sharpen their haematology knowledge with our interactive quizzes.
Originally designed to help students undertaking The FRCPath Haematology part 1 exam, our interactive quizzes can
also be beneficial to those that want to level up their haematology skills.

Slide Bank

Prepare for your haematology exams with well-structured, easy-to-work-through study materials.

Put your knowledge to the test with hundreds of multiple choice and extended matching questions. Each is followed by expert analysis and references, giving you concise yet important topic information.

Interactive Modules

Our modules range from undergraduate education to blood film, transfusion, morphology and coagulation laboratory training material.

Interactive Cases

An Interactive case is published to all our members allowing them to collectively participate in identifying features, investigations and diagnoses to a monthly case.

For each case members have up to 4 weeks to submit their answers.

After 4 weeks members can view their performance against global answers.



Our exclusive courses make learning easy. Establish and expand on your knowledge through video lectures, modules and assessments.

All our courses are accredited by the Royal College of Pathologists allowing you to gain CPD points. We also issue your own personalised certificate as proof of participation, ideal for including in your portfolio.


If you are training to, or currently report blood films as part of your job, these webinars are a must. Our aim is improve learners’ confidence in this vital laboratory skill. Review real life cases with international experts.


Efficient learning aimed at the medical laboratory scientists, haematologists and pathologists, students and institutions.